Semantic Press
We make domain-specific ML models for highly specific workflows in valuable markets.
Our software helps people train custom models using their proprietary data.
Think of it as a modern semantic publishing platform for the enterprise using AI.
This dramatically simplifies time to value from unstructured data.
The app is locally hosted and supports multi-modal files...
šŸ“ pdf, docx, csv, šŸ–¼ļø jpg, png, šŸŽ¬ mp4, šŸ”‰ mp3... and even URLs šŸ”—, Teams, Twitter and SMS messages.
All fine-tuned into a single publishable model.
That model is then used to interface humans and/or autonomous agents at a time of need.
These models are *highly niche* and specific to the industry and goal-oriented tasks.
Which help to form the basis of a new generation of AI-powered enterprise applications.
For example: health-related documents and images are fine-tuned to insurance billing codes (with validation).
We're looking at multi-billion $ workflows.
If you're interested in joining us, please DM or follow us on Twitter: Ā  @SemanticPress